Imagine how the world would be different if a million people complimented each other this year. How has one compliment changed your day? We have some cool cards designed just to give away to do this very thing. You can order your set here. 
How cool would it be to be part of a kindness movement where people complimented one another? The problem is this movement didn't exist. We created it. It's a simple idea, really. We just printed nice sayings on the backs of hundreds of business cards. Now we give away as many as we can afford to give away. That's where you come in. Order some cards to give away. These cards make peoples' days. They light up when they find these. The more cards we sell the more we can afford to print and ship. It's designed to mostly pay for itself. Please consider being part of the new Kindness Movement. It's easy and fun and makes a difference. 
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