“Your life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change” 
Jim Rohn 
If you were to describe your perfect life what would it look like? What would you change if you could and how would that change your world? 
Are you wanting more confidence? Want to break repeating patterns in your relationships? Increase your self-esteem? Manage stress easier or simply want to feel good enough? 
To live a full abundant, confident and authentic happy life is for most people the end goal, a life balanced between career, relationships, health and wealth. What that looks like is different for each person. 
Henry Ford was right when he said:  
“Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you are probably right.”  
Imagine, for a moment, a life where you believed you were respected, knew you would succeed, and were happy. 
Imagine the decisions this version of you would make. Imagine the life that would begin to surround this version of you. 
This is possible for each and every one of us. 
With the abundance of personal development and self-help books, websites, podcasts and training programmes it can sometimes feel a little over whelming. We know – we’ve been there. And sometimes no matter how many books you read, affirmations you say or training courses you go on little changes. 

  The Team 

Over the last 30 years Vikki Faudel and her team have been working with clients using Neuroplasticity Activation Technique (NAT), helping them to make lasting changes in areas they wanted, whether that was in building confidence, self-esteem, achieving their career goals, or to build successful happy relationships. One small change can deliver life changing results. 
If you believe you are ready for a mindset challenge, change, or want to know how NAT can help you, the Mindset Team is standing by. 


Neuroplasticity Activation Technique didn’t make us money but it did make us rich. It didn’t solve our problems but it put them into perspective for us. It didn’t banish our challenging teenager but it helped us to deal with her and love her until she outgrew it. NAT helped us to cope in a way that we never would have done on our own. We all came through this awful time and I really believe that we would not have survived in quite the same way without the help of Vikki and The Mindset Team. We are all grateful to Vikki and NAT and will be forever. 

 I’ve done a lot of personal growth & development over the years having read literally hundreds of personal development books, listened to many many hours of personal development audio, been to many seminars and events and trained in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) to master practitioner level. I’ve also had some coaching and therapy in various guises and I can say, with my hand on my heart, while all those things helped to a degree, they all pale in comparison to the changes and massive shifts I’ve been able to make in myself with NAT.  Ray 

I have approached the current crisis with a realistic and pragmatic mind set and I do believe the NAT sessions have helped me to react & respond in a more calm and sensible manner. 
The weekly sessions have been something to look forward to and have allowed me to discuss issues that I have been struggling with, this has helped maintain relationships which have been strained at times (within the household) due to unusual circumstances we find ourselves in. 
SP, Business Owner 
I have no doubt that my NAT sessions last year have helped my resilience and morale - particularly during these challenging times. I continue to be optimistic about the future and energetic and empowered in my day to day life - which is particularly important as a business owner. I’m very grateful to Gill and all at The Mindset Team. 
Zach, Artus Digital 
If you believe you are ready for a mindset challenge, change, or want to know how NAT can help you, the Mindset Team is standing by. 
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