Posts from April 2021

I’ve been thinking a lot about these two things recently. I started thinking about this because of a leadership program I am going through at one of my jobs. Part of the program is to receive feedback from your manager, your peers, direct reports, and other people you work with. Some of the feedback that I received from my direct supervisor is what brought me to this train of thought. Honestly, I’ve been having issues with my management recently. When I read her feedback, it was a bit confusing to me and proved to me that she and I are on completely different pages. 
That’s the question I asked myself most of last year. I’ll be honest, part of the year I was just getting by. I would go to work and immediately come home to sit and watch TV. Or I was searching for a million different hobbies to help me pass the time. Luckily enough I ended up finding hobbies that I love and decided to stick with, while I also found hobbies that I hated and I curse to this day if I ever get asked to touch them again. Between the hobbies I enjoyed and the hobbies I didn’t, I started realizing how relaxed I was when I was focusing on doing what I wanted, rather than what others wanted me to do. 
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