Posts from March 2021

I am tired! Not tired in the way that I need more sleep, but let’s be honest, maybe a little bit of that tired too. I’m tired of COVID. I’m tired of quarantining. I’m tired of wearing masks. I’m tired of sitting in front of my computer to socialize. I’m tired of working from home CONSTANTLY. I’m tired of not meeting new people safely. 
And I miss things. I miss seeing people face to face. I miss seeing their smile and hearing the laugh that goes along with it without a delay from the speaker. I miss flirting. I miss hugs and high fives. I miss turning around at the office to joke around with my co-workers. I miss going to a brewery and sitting outside. I miss accidentally bumping into strangers because they were slightly too close to you. I miss getting annoyed at bumping into strangers. I miss smiling in pictures. I miss having to control my facial expressions because I didn’t want people to see what I was thinking. I miss life without COVID and I know I’m not the only one. I am hitting my quarantine burnout. 
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