OUR TECHNIQUE Neuroplasticity Activation Technique 

Neuroplasticity Activation Technique 

Positive affirmations and outlook exercises alone will not deliver the lasting change people desire. If they were, everyone would be doing them and we’d all be good enough, smart enough, and leading fantastic lives. Research has established our mindsets have a great deal of influence on how we live our lives and that our mindsets are not absolute; they can be changed. 
Studies have established that the brain is hugely resilient. It can regrow itself after damage. The autonomic, emotional, and intellectual pathways can regrow and find new connections when the old connections become damaged or no longer exist. We have taken this neurological capability and applied it to remapping pathways in situations where no damage has occurred! We figured why wait for brain damage to rewire something? If something can be improved, why not improve it? 
The Mindset Team has been overcoming mindset obstacles since Vikki Faudel began her initial experimentation in 1988. Vikki spent years working with Neurologists researching and testing how to hack and use the immense power of the brain to create permanent change. She was her own guinea pig and combined an understanding of the brain pathways, eastern Chi points, and the importance language has on the state of mind. She brought those insights as well as a talent for pattern recognition into her coaching practice. Thousands of clients have benefited from the coaching approach she developed; the Neuroplasticity Activation Technique (NAT). 
We activate the neuroplasticity of the brain to stimulate new pathways which create new habits which results in a new life. By removing old negative, harmful, or ineffective pathways and building new pathways we help clients build new lives for themselves. It is never too late to be the person you are meant to be and live a life of happiness, fulfilment, and purpose. 
Neuroplasticity Activation Technique (NAT) has done what many of the mainstream specialist therapists could not do for me; help me manage and cope with my life. The positive effects of NAT are immense. I recently have had two job interviews. I know that nine months ago I would not have been composed enough to attend an interview, let alone have a job. The feedback from the interviewers were very positive and I could actually hear the good things about me. NAT works in subtle ways. The changes in me have been gradual. My partner has seen the gradual positive change. He was skeptical at first but now he has even had sessions with Vikki.” 
If you believe you are ready for a mindset challenge, change, or want to know how NAT can help you, the Mindset Team is standing by. 
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