I have been in a denial state for quite some time now. I don’t know specifically how long it’s been. There wasn’t a day that I just started denying who I was. It just happened over time. But after a session with my life coach, we switched my mindset to stop being in denial. 
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Every nonfiction book publishing idea needs a good social media and face-to-face platform to be taken seriously.  
How do you become the person you want to be? Well, I don’t know exactly but I am working on figuring it out. And because I am in the middle of my journey I figured I could share some tips, tricks, struggles, and successes with others. 
How do you decide what you’re going to be when you grow up? Some people know from the moment they are children what they want to be. They go through life working hard to get there. And that’s great for them. It’s clean, it’s a set path with maybe a few bumps in the road but the goal is there. I’m not one of those people. 
I’ve been thinking a lot about these two things recently. I started thinking about this because of a leadership program I am going through at one of my jobs. Part of the program is to receive feedback from your manager, your peers, direct reports, and other people you work with. Some of the feedback that I received from my direct supervisor is what brought me to this train of thought. Honestly, I’ve been having issues with my management recently. When I read her feedback, it was a bit confusing to me and proved to me that she and I are on completely different pages. 
That’s the question I asked myself most of last year. I’ll be honest, part of the year I was just getting by. I would go to work and immediately come home to sit and watch TV. Or I was searching for a million different hobbies to help me pass the time. Luckily enough I ended up finding hobbies that I love and decided to stick with, while I also found hobbies that I hated and I curse to this day if I ever get asked to touch them again. Between the hobbies I enjoyed and the hobbies I didn’t, I started realizing how relaxed I was when I was focusing on doing what I wanted, rather than what others wanted me to do. 
I am tired! Not tired in the way that I need more sleep, but let’s be honest, maybe a little bit of that tired too. I’m tired of COVID. I’m tired of quarantining. I’m tired of wearing masks. I’m tired of sitting in front of my computer to socialize. I’m tired of working from home CONSTANTLY. I’m tired of not meeting new people safely. 
And I miss things. I miss seeing people face to face. I miss seeing their smile and hearing the laugh that goes along with it without a delay from the speaker. I miss flirting. I miss hugs and high fives. I miss turning around at the office to joke around with my co-workers. I miss going to a brewery and sitting outside. I miss accidentally bumping into strangers because they were slightly too close to you. I miss getting annoyed at bumping into strangers. I miss smiling in pictures. I miss having to control my facial expressions because I didn’t want people to see what I was thinking. I miss life without COVID and I know I’m not the only one. I am hitting my quarantine burnout. 
Alright, let’s start this off honestly, this isn’t a blog about the secrets to life. There is no secret to life. That’s not a thing. This is a blog about how people go through life. But I guess that’s what all blogs are though. Everyone writing about how they experience life. The lessons they learn. The mistakes they make. The advice they have. So this will be one of the many blogs out there. I don’t know what you will find from this blog, nor do I know if you continue to read this blog. And that’s okay. 
The goal of this blog is to create a space for people to feel welcome, unjudged, and able to be themselves. I will do my best, as well as the rest of the Mindset Team, to make this a space to share strengths, weaknesses, vulnerabilities, wins, losses, and much more. 
You do not need to take a lesson out of every post (but if you do all the better and we'd love to hear about it) and if you only learn something from one thing then I'll count that as a win. And hey, maybe you don't learn anything and we would love to hear about that too. Sign up for the email list as well as follow our blog. Send us an email at social@mindsetteam.com, follow us on Instagram or Facebook to share your stories, chat privately, ask questions or anything you would like. If you want a story shared on the blog, send us that too and let us know you would like it public. 
Wanting something does not require action; it is a state of being. If you want something you are in a state of want. Want does not equal a plan to achievement. Sitting in a perpetual state of want is frustrating and pointless . . .  
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