Vikki & Nate Faudel 

Married couple Vikki and Nate Faudel are the powerhouse behind The Mindset Team. With complementary qualities, they bring great generosity, balance and patience to their work, along with healthy doses of fun and ambition! 
Both are passionate lovers of life and want to help others to unlock the boundless potential within their own lives. 
Having experienced her own personal difficulties and tried various forms of therapy and self-help, Vikki founded The Mindset Team over 30 years ago. Thus, began a journey to find a technique that delivered lasting results fast. 
And so, Vikki met Nate, the intellectual and philosopher. He soon became involved with The Mindset Team, helping Vikki to develop the business (and they fell in love too!). 
The couple are constantly looking to further enhance their services, and work tirelessly to support people in whatever ways they possibly can. 
Over the years, Vikki and Nate a have trained a team of people who share their key values of generosity, love and support. The Mindset Team are primed to deliver transformative change. 


With the heart of a healer, Vikki goes through life with fearless passion and extraordinary insight. Vikki shares the abundance within life through her joyful, giving nature, and is unburdened by pressure or attachment to outcomes; she is simply inspired to drive positive change within her clients. 
With remarkable intuition and empathy, Vikki is able to shine a light onto what is holding a person back or causing them pain. This knowledge provides the catalyst for change. 
A very spiritual person, Vikki understands her clients on a very deep level. She brings extraordinary skill and knowledge – developed over many years. 
Vikki is a remarkable cook and is always keen to share generations of family recipes! 
But at the heart of Vikki is her extraordinary love, empathy and generosity; qualities that she brings to every human interaction. 


Nate brings energy and enthusiasm to everything he does! A natural born sceptic, he has the mind of a scientist and the curiosity of a philosopher (he even has degrees in philosophy and history!) He loves to learn and is particularly skilled in asking pertinent questions that can spark inspiration and form the root of transformative change. 
Nate is always happy and smiling, and loves a good conversation. He has a naturally supportive and accepting nature – qualities that make him a great person to know and work with. 
A lover of great coffee and tea, Nate is a US barista champion for Starbucks, and is also an English coffee master! 
Nate has an adventurous spirit, and is always keen to share this nature with others – taking visitors on camping trips in his native Colorado. 

Vicki Bland 

Vicki Bland came to the Mindset Team by way of a now ex-boyfriend. In her 20s she dated a man who she thought she had potential with. She thought that this was the relationship the dreams were made of. But then one day after meeting his mother and spending a lovely Christmas with them, he ended. She was devastated she didn't want it to end. He went away on holiday, came back and said that was it. He had met someone else. However, that was not the end. After his relationship ended, he came back to Vicki. He constantly played the “push me - pull me” game - we are in a relationship; we are not, we are in relationship; we are not etc. She was on an emotional rollercoaster. She would be out on dates with others and he would show up. She would be at parties and he would badmouth her to her date. 
Then the one great thing that he did for was introduce her to the Mindset Team. Little did he know it was going to empower her so much that she would find the courage to end it. In working with the Mindset Team, she saw the real him. She learned how to command respect, and stop putting up with his shenanigans. She learned to have confidence in herself and in what she does. 
She started working with the Mindset Team and after she quite literally said yes to three things that she would've otherwise turned down. One of those things was joining karate club when the salesman came to the door. By saying “Yes” that day she met the man who would become her loving and kind husband. She is a second Dan black belt karate instructor and a UK champion. She knows how to teach winning Mindset mentality and to get results. 
Vicki has been a Mindset Team specialist for over eight years, and is highly skilled as a compassionate listener and leader to get results. She is enthusiastic and energetic and really down to earth. She has her feet on the ground and her mind in the clouds as she takes you on a journey that brings out the best in you. 

Gill Wright  

Gill is a single mother of two grown lovely women. She now has a good relationship with both of them, however it was not always like this. At one point in Gill's life she felt like a true failure. She was alone raising two trying teenage girls, studying to be a massage therapist and failing her exams, and constantly fighting with two teenage daughters while barely scraping by. 
Then, one day, a friend of hers gave her a Mindset Team business card and told her that the Mindset Team could empower her; could help her change her patterns. He went on to explain how it had made such a difference in his life and how it had changed his patterns. However, like many people, she didn't take his advice she sat on the phone number for about six months. Things got worse. The fights with her daughter got even more explosive and tumultuous. She was engaging in these fights and didn't know how to stop. After one of the many hurtful fights, she was sitting in the emergency room, feeling like giving up. She went home and that night she found the Mindset Team business card and called the number. After a few lessons she started feeling lighter and more positive she stopped reacting to the fights. She stood back and actually listened to her children and heard them. That was all they wanted. That was the moment when Gill knew her patterns were changing. After completing the entire Mindset course, she was a different person. She was calm and in more control of her life. She commanded respect. She was empowered. She empowered and encouraged her girls to be who they really were and who they have become. 
Now, 10 years later, she does the same thing for all of her clients. She is a master at learning from her own life experiences and sharing her lesson with others. She is genuine and warm and has the kindest bedside manner. Gill's compassionate listening, easy conversation and thoughtful insight puts her in high demand both at networking events and as a specialist. 

More About Vikki  

Vikki was born in Colorado. She was born 10 years after the last of four siblings. She was born later in life to a loving accepting forward thinking couple. She grew up being a normal kid. She went to Catholic school all of her life. 
When she was 10, she and her parents saw the movie "The magnificent obsession” and when the movie was over her father turned to her and said “one day that will be you, you will change people's lives”. She had no idea what he was talking about and blew him off as a 10-year-old would. 
Many years went by. She's been married a total of 4 times. My first marriage lasted 13 months. One Sunday morning he went out to get a cup of coffee came home stood by the door and said I don't want to be married anymore. She panicked and asked if can we see a counsellor? Can we work on it? Can we do something. He opened the door and seven of his friends moved them out in 45 minutes. She was devastated. She soon learned that the relationship had been abusive verbally, mentally and emotionally. She also learned that she didn't know what abuse was. He was constantly putting her down and throwing things at her. During the next year she took a lot of self-help courses, she took a lot of self-development programs and she read a lot but nothing changed her pattern. It was through all of the self-development that she met a neurosurgeon and a chiropractor who helped her develop the technique that she uses today. 
The three of them tried a lot of different ways to help her change her pattern of abuse. During this time, she met a very kind man married and had two lovely daughters. Unfortunately, she hadn't changed all of her patterns. So, he began to drink and abused alcohol instead of her. He drank more than she knew. He was drinking on the job; he was drinking all the time. She left him when her daughters were three and five. For the next few years as a single mom she worked different jobs. 
She continued working with this technique on herself and perfected it. She then worked on friends, family friends and friends of friends. Others started to tell her how they had changed because of her technique. Pretty soon lots of people were coming to her to help change and better their lives. 
Skip ahead to 2008 when she met Nate, first as a client then as a friend then as someone she was dating and now her husband, life partner, lover, confidant, business partner, teacher, student, and biggest supporter. 
Vikki accepts you for who you are. She knows the good and the bad of people and still accepts them with open arms and a loving nature. She is the mother that everybody wants. She kisses your boo-boos, she guides you and teaches you on how to be the best you. She has no agenda for you. She encourages you, she empowers you, she listens to you. She forgives you. She is the embodiment of truly unconditional love and acceptance. Her motto is: “To know you is to love you!”. 

More About Nate  

Nate grew up in sunny California, he and his family moved to Colorado when he was about 9. 
His parents got a divorce shortly after moving to Colorado. He is the oldest of two boys. When he was growing up his mother tried everything new on the market. She tried everything holistic from an ant farm to standing on her head. Anything out there that claim to help her she bought and bought into. With this kind of influence Nate became very sceptical of everything and everyone. 
Nate wanted out of his house so much that at 16 he met a girl with a kid and started a relationship with them. He wanted to help her and nurture the child in ways that he had not known. After taking on that responsibility he found that his girlfriend was not as committed as he was. She was playing around with a lot of different men at his expense. That relationship ended. She was very angry and refused to let him continue to be in the child's life. 
Shortly after that he met a woman who supposedly couldn't get pregnant. Six weeks into the relationship she was pregnant. The pattern started all over again. He had two jobs and was very devoted and committed to taking care of his family. Unfortunately, she was not. That relationship was a total repeat of his first relationship. He went to her and asked her if they could work on the relationship. Her reply was I don't have the time and you're not worth it. He moved out of the family home. And his soon to be ex introduced him to The Mindset Team. 
He had no idea what the Mindset Team was about, or what was going to happen. All he knew was that something had to change. He started working with the Mindset Team. He learned about all the mind games that his exes had played on him. Making him responsible for them, making him feel guilty. Making him feel worthless. Blaming him for their lives. Trying to control him into paying their bills, watching their children and letting them have a free life and do what they wanted with whom they wanted. 
After working with the Mindset Team and meeting the community, he decided he wanted to work full time as a Mindset Team member. He started dating the founder and CEO of The Mindset Team, Vikki. After 18 months of dating her they talked of marriage. A year later they married. 
For the first time in his life Nate was not only accepted by Vikki, but also by her two teenage daughters. They accepted him so much that 10 years after marrying their mother they asked him to adopt them. The adoption is in the works. 
He worked with Vikki 24/7 on improving and upgrading the Mindset Team into what it is today. Nate and Vikki are not only life partners but business partners. They share everything, they talk about everything. They support each other and the world. They are individuals that work as one. He is Yang to her yen. Together as a team they are unstoppable. They are fun and inviting. He is scientific, quizzical, and the perfect person to encourage Vikki to soar and to soar with her. 
Please contact us today and we look forward to talking to you. 
If you believe you are ready for a mindset challenge, change, or want to know how NAT can help you, the Mindset Team is standing by. 
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