SERVICES / PAYMENTS We recommend giving us a call to discuss what the best program is for yourself and we can then let you know the cost so you can arrange payment. 

Please contact us today and we look forward to talking to you. 

Neuroplasticity Activation Lesson 1 on 1: £109.99 / $124.99 With Vikki: £159.99 / $199.99 

Discover what is holding you back in a powerful, hour-long lesson of transformation. During the lesson, your practitioner will help you to activate the neuroplasticity of your brain; you will work to stimulate new pathways, replacing negative ones to drive happiness, fulfilment and purpose. 

Neuroplasticity Activation Couple Lessons with Vikki: £200 / $225 

Explore the transformative power of the Neuroplasticity Activation Technique together. Whether you feel that your relationship is in crisis, or simply want to grow together, Vikki will help you towards positive, mutual change through a journey of transformational discovery. 

Neuroplasticity Activation Group Lesson (including a 15 minute 1 on 1 lesson): £59 / $79 Lessons 

Share your journey of growth with others, in a supportive, open and friendly environment. Develop your capacity for empathy and compassion and share your unique insight and personal experience. 
*Please note 3 private sessions are required before admission to the group programme. 

 Advice - 15 minute via phone or Whatsapp: £79.99 / $99.99 

A call to explore any area of your life or personal challenge. We will look at different ways forward and help you to find perspective. 

The Mindset Team Life Journal  £29 / $35.24 

A place to document your journey with The Mindset Team, your personal journal helps you to reflect on each lesson, maximising the potential for growth. The book prompts you with questions to explore throughout each week, supporting you toward transformational growth. 


US - BUY NOW VIA AMAZON - $35.24  

Struggles to Snuggles Book £10 / $12.50 

A collection of real-life stories from people who have worked with The Mindset Team over the years. It has been collated with the intent of inspiring, motivating and giving hope. 


US - BUY NOW VIA AMAZON - $12.50  

   Yearly Retreats: £1200 - £1800 / $1550 - $2250 (Private Invites) 

Spend 7 wonderful days with Nate and Vikki at their home: £3000 / $3750 
If you believe you are ready for a mindset challenge, change, or want to know how NAT can help you, the Mindset Team is standing by. 
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