A world where people are kind to one another seems like a better place to live. Making Kindness Cards is one more drop in the bucket. Order them for yourself to keep around the house as reminders that you're worth it. Give them to others who need to know they matter. Order more when you run out. 
It is our goal to add one million compliments to the sum of human experience. That has to be worth something, right? We are a small business looking to do our part. Please join us by sharing your experiences on social media. #randomactsofkindness #todayIgaveasmile #positiveenergy 
Vikki & Nate 
Everyone could use a compliment. Everyone needs human interaction. We've found an easy way to make it easy to make someone's day. All it takes is a second to slip someone a card. This card will have a lasting effect. During our test phase we gave cards to dozens of people and followed up with many of them. 
A few seconds of time and a few cents can make all the difference in the world to someone who needs a sign that things are going to be OK. I've tucked these in car windows, given them away to strangers at the grocery store, given them to cashiers, restaurant servers, friends, baristas, left them in public restrooms, and any number of other places. Sometimes I give them away with a smile and other times I leave them anonymously. 
I can't compliment a million people but if I can help a million people compliment one other person each, we all win. The world needs kindness. Each of us can be part of the solution. Sure, its a tiny thing but the biggest things are all made of tiny things. 
Imagine how cool it would be to get a mystery envelope in the mail only to find there is nothing for sale inside! Imagine how great it would be to get a sincere message of gratitude asking nothing in return! Our first add on is just an envelope of cards sent to you because you want to give them away or sent to someone else because you have chosen them to receive this random act of kindness. Some of our support tiers include extra envelopes of cards for us to send on your behalf. 
Tangible physical reminders that we all matter has a vastly different effect than something digital or virtual no matter how well intended. 
Some cards are fun and some are serious. They will all be different colors to make it easy to grab the right one for every occasion at a glance. 
Imagine how great the world would be if everyone knew the value they brought each and every day. We can all make a difference just by waking up every day. One kind act each and every day can turn your life around. The amazing thing about giving these away is they make more of a difference to you even than to the recipient. Giving these away becomes addictive very quickly and that is something the world needs right now. 
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