How do you decide what you’re going to be when you grow up? Some people know from the moment they are children what they want to be. They go through life working hard to get there. And that’s great for them. It’s clean, it’s a set path with maybe a few bumps in the road but the goal is there. I’m not one of those people. 
I am fascinated with many things in this world. I want to be a doctor, a teacher, an astronaut, a personal trainer, and sometimes I just want to quit it all and be a bum. 
I don’t know if this is like this for others but I was always told that I could do anything I wanted if I put my mind to it. I love that. I love having that freedom. But sometimes it’s a bit too much freedom. If you believe you can do anything, then how do you narrow down the list of everything?! This has been the struggle of my short adult life. I’ve started college multiple times for different degrees but end up stopping because I’m not enjoying it anymore. 
Recently, I was thinking about changing jobs within the company I currently work for. Right now I’m in management and I was thinking about leaving it for a more technology-based job. It was going to solve all my immediate problems and life would be good. 
I then spoke to a mentor of mine who reminded me to think about the future and what I see myself doing. I answered that I saw myself in higher-up management. He told me that his advice would be to stay in school to get my business degree and not change jobs. He told me if I stay where I am then it looks better on my resume than the other job for my long-term goals. It was all logical and made sense. 
I then called my stepdad and talked to him. I realized in that conversation I had already made up my mind to stay in my current job. He said to me “I feel like you want me to debate you but there’s not a lot of debate because you’ve thought about everything.” He was right. That no matter what he had said, I already made up my mind. 
This doesn’t really answer the question, “how do you decide what you’re going to be when you grow up” because I don’t know how I decided. I had an instinct and when anyone tried to debate me, I had an answer for why that wouldn’t work. Which showed me that I already made up my mind and that I just needed to come to terms and be confident in the decision. 
If you find yourself trying to answer a question, try flipping a coin to answer it. Not to see what the coin says but to see what you are hoping it lands on. Whatever you are hoping it lands on, go with that regardless of the actual outcome of the coin. If you genuinely don’t care what it lands on, then find a different question to ask it. 
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