Every nonfiction book publishing idea needs a good social media and face-to-face platform to be taken seriously.  
I've recently learned a lot about book publishing. It turns out publishing nonfiction or self-help books requires a “platform” which is industry speak for a social media presence worth bragging about. We need to come to the table and demonstrate we'd sell X number of copies on our own for agents to take interest in what we have to offer. 
If I had a book ready to go right now I would still have at least a year of growing our platform before I could pitch it. I'm about 40 years behind the curve when it comes to these kinds of things but I suppose it makes sense that someone who has something interesting to say should have people who are interested to hear it. I haven't done myself any favors by laying low and working hard. 
Today is the day I start taking this seriously. Today I personally start this project. 
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